Kryfos (Inside The Waistband)

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The Kryfos Inside The Waistband holster was built for everyday carry for the working man or woman to the housewife in leggings.

Kryfos in Greek means Covert/ Undercover

The Quick Clip is standard on all our IWB holsters, but you can upgrade to a few other styles.

Soft loops 

Tuckable Quick Clip

The UltiClip is one of our best sellers for the ladies! Workout pants and leggings are no problem with the ULTI Clip! Summertime is the time for shorts, and this clip works great for the guys too!

DCC Monoblock (Spring Steel Construction)

DCC Mod 4 (Spring Steel Construction, much like the RCS Tuckable Overhook).

All of our IWB Holsters are cut for Red Dots, have adjustable retention and are open bottom for threaded barrels 

*Please consider concealment depends on several factors: 1. Weapon size 2. Extended Magazines 3. Weapon Lights

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