About Us

About Us:

Alpha Omega Kydex Holsters started back in 2012, back then I would have never thought what was an idea to fill just my needs for a holster would turn into what it has today. Fast forward to 2022 and we have holsters in every state in the USA and some in other Countries. Alpha Omega has worked closely with several Law Enforcement Agencies to develop products for them that they can use daily while completing their tasks at hand. We have also worked with many firearms training companies to outfit their clients with quality gear.

From Military use, Law Enforcement & the Daily Carry needs of everyone in the US Alpha Omega Kydex has you covered!

If I won't wear it, I won't sell it!

Every holster is quality tested before it leaves the shop. Holsters are tested for comfort, draw capabilities, retention and appearance! Let's be honest, not every holster fits everyone the same but We strive to build a holster that works for you.

Our Mission:  

Our mission is simple.

  • Build a rock solid holster that won't break the bank
  • Give you quality you can depend on
  • Support YOU, the customer
  • Build Relationships with our clients
  • Support & Defend the 2nd Amendment of the United States!  

Our Goal:

 To Support and Defend our Rights as Americans, Support all Gun Owners and provide them with a reliable product that they can carry daily with confidence that their equipment will not fail!


Tim Kennedy

Mike Levy (Assault Dynamics)

Donut Operator

Classic Firearms

Johnny B

Jarred Taylor (Black Rifle Coffee Co)

Sheepdog Response 

Contra Group

Certus Training

Lonestar Training

Desert Patriot Training & Tactics

The Range at Austin

Gun Brothers Specialty Firearms

Talos Tactical


 We Support Law Enforcement, 1st Responders and our Military


Utilizing our gear:

Killeen Police Dept (Vendor)
Killeen Police SWAT
Killeen Police K9s
Bell Co. Texas Sheriff Dept
Temple Police Dept
Belton Police Dept
Texas DPS (Dept of Public Safety)
Bell Co. Constables Office
Morgan's Point Police Dept
East Liverpool Police Dept (Ohio)
VA Police (Federal)
U.S. Marshals Federal Task Force
DHS-I. C.E (Arizona, CA, Texas
U.S. Border Patrol
U.S. Air Marshals