NEWS 2021

Alpha Omega News!

 News Update!

Alpha Omega Kydex is now offering Free Shipping on all orders!

We have received our ModLite PL350 and are building a coupe of holsters for testing. Stay tuned to when it will be available on the website.



Lonestar Trainings Alan Carpenter & I, are proud to announce that we are conducting a Two day Combat Pistol/Carbine with TECC ( Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) at The Ranch TX April 10th and 11th 2021. To Register go HERE

Our IG got ZUCKED! 

Unfortunately we became a victim of the thousands of bans happening on Instagram as of late! Our page @alpha_omega_kydex has been disabled as of 11/4/2020 around 3:30pm Central Time. For now please go follow our back up page @alpha_omega_kydex2 on Instagram and keep our fingers crossed that we can get the page back!


ALPHA OMEGA KYDEX Hats now available in the "Alpha Gear" tab under Products page! 9/8/19

ADDED - NEW Triple Mag Pouch! Designed for Duty Use 9/8/19

New Gun Models Added (8/8/19)

Brand Ambassadors page UPDATE! (8/8/19)

Added Ambassadors


Desert Patriot

New Weapon light added!

We Just added the Inforce APLc light to our build list of weapon lights!

We have added the Streamlight TLR-7 to our available weapon lights!

We Have Just added the New Olight PL-Valkyrie Pro Weapon light (8/8/19)


Recover Tactical recently reached out to us about adding the new Compact and Sub Compact rail systems they have come out with! Once we have them in our hands we will be working on testing out the abilities of making holsters that work with their system!

Visit Recover Tactical by clicking on the image above!

Stay tuned! 


Alpha Omega Kydex on The Liberty Report!

Recently Alpha Omega Kydex was a featured product for review on Nick Torres wrote a great article about one of our IWB holsters! Go Check it out HERE  

Also did a Product drop announcement for out Phalanx Belt, See that article HERE 


Say What!!!


Alpha Omega Kydex has the following OLights!

PL2 Valkyrie

PL Mini

PL Mini 2

PL2 Valkyrie Pro (8/8/19)

Go check out OLight and then come back and order a holster!