Alpha Omega Kydex Tactical Affiliate Program

Become an Alpha Omega Kydex Tactical Affiliate

Do you love Firearms and convey that message across your social media? Are you a shooting instructor, competition level shooter, law enforcement, hunter, or active or ex USA Military with a Web/Social Media presence? Maybe you’re a FA/2A Content Creator doing reviews or a gunsmith? If so would love to have you in our Tactical Affiliate program!

The Alpha Omega Tactical Affiliate program allows you to monetize your existing web traffic, social media & YouTube channel so any traffic that ends up on and results in a sale gets paid a commission.

Here are the benefits for enrolling into Our Tactical Affiliate Program:

  • Earn 5% commission on any sale your link or code brings in.

  • Promotion of your Social Media / Videos on Alpha Omega Platform 

  • Discount for your Subscribers & Followers 

  • Personal Discount code for your use on Alpha Omega Gear

  • Chance to test new products before they are released 

  • Top Tactical Affiliates receive free gear based on performance 

  • Connections to some of the top brands in the firearms community.

  • Quarterly payouts 

  • Proven track record for customer retention 

  • One of the largest selections and combinations of support for holsters & options in the industry 

  • Brand loyalty

  • Large established audience

  • Tactical Affiliate Program dashboard for you to track link and code usage for 100% transparency (GOAFFPRO Affiliate Marketing Link sign up required)

If you fit this description and like what you see please contact to get more information & signed up for the program! Be sure to include your Web Assets/Social Media pages & other details for review or you will not be considered for the program.

*Alpha Omega Kydex has 100% discretion on who is & is not added to the program. 

* Alpha Omega Kydex has all rights to use all media created for promotion of Alpha Omega products or services at any time.

*Affiliates can be removed at anytime without warning if they violate the terms of the program or act in a way outside of company values.