Q: How Long will it take to get my new holster?

A: Depends on what our lead time is at the moment. Customer orders will come 1st before our Store fulfillment orders. At the top banner on our page you will see what our current estimated lead time is as well as on your order receipt. We do our best to meet the shortest time frames. Sometimes Industry Events may cause Lead times to slip by a few days.

A. When you place your order, you can estimate shipment of your items or items based off your order date and current estimated lead time. Once your order is completed you will receive an email with your tracking information. Please try not to email us before your lead time requesting updates on your order, this takes us away from the building process to search orders and track a lead time causing more delays.

Q. My Order is Over it’s Estimated Lead Time. Why??

A. Though we work very hard to deliver within our lead times, sickness, extenuating circumstances, quality control work, or industry events interrupt our process from time to time. Our lead times are best estimates not a guarantee, these times may fluctuate. We do the best that we can to update the site and our customers with current times. In these moments, we ask that you bear with, and understand your order and business is extremely important to us! Please do not reach out to us about status updates until at least the lead time has passed. We will update you with tracking information as soon as we are completed with your order.

Q: Can I add Notes to my order?

A: Yes you can! Please take into consideration some things. Please do not place an order and then request a custom print in the notes. If you do so, we will cancel your order and email you explaining why. Please do not order a product without a weapon light and add in the notes you have a light...again your order will be cancelled.

Order notes are for letting us know small details such as red dots that are mounted, cant request or other items like that.

Q: What thickness do you use for your holsters?

A: We use .80 kydex for all of our holsters

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Why yes we do! As well as PayPal and other options at checkout.

Q. Can you do custom printed kydex?

A. Yes we can, reach out to us and email the image to us for review before you place any order. Our kydex printer will get a mock up completed for approval and after we will move forward with completing your order directly with you. Some images will not be considered due to Copyright Laws or Our own morals....somethings just don't need to be on a holster. We reserve the right to turn down any custom prints requested.

Q. What do you need to get the Military/LEO Discount?

A. Email us from your Government or Dept email if possible or use a private email. If using a private email, send some form of Government or Dept ID and we will respond with the corresponding Discount Code.