Brand Ambassadors

Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter was in the United States Marine Corps for four years active duty where he assisted in hundreds of missions against the Global War on Terror. He became a firearms instructor and taught Marines military tactics, small unit team movements, and prepared them for deployment. Alan left the Marine Corps as the rank of Corporal.  After his time in the Marine Corps, he became a deputy with one of largest police agencies in Utah, and was selected to be a part of the Critical Incident Response Team. He specialized in Active Shooter Response for the agency. Alan is currently the Training Deputy in charge of training the agency in firearms and tactics, TECC, and other training that the department requires. Alan Carpenter has thousands of hours teaching Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians.
Alan’s greatest achievement is training people to come home safely both from the military and in his law enforcement career. He prides himself with teaching and training people to survive and live.
In early 2018 Alan created Lonestar Training. Lonestar Training focuses on firearms, TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) for everyone, including civilians. The goal of Lonestar Training is to provide quality training to individuals and families that will help them return home safe.  TRAIN TO LIVE!

Lonestar Training Website


Liselle AKA Desert Patriot

Meet the founder of Desert Patriot Training & Tactics. Known for her gleaming personality and anti Peta views, Liselle grew up hunting and fishing. After some of her life experiences she turned to carrying pistols and found a passion in helping women protect themselves. She is particular passionate about women’s awareness and decided to take her firearms training to the next level. She became certified in operating pistols by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to reach more women who are wanting to carry a firearm for self defense and protecting their families. Not only does she teach women but she also does blended courses for men and women that are wanting to utilize their Second Amendment Rights to bare arms.
Hobbies Include: Staring at her 4runner, eating all forms of potatoes, leaving piles of laundry around her home to fold its self. Click on her name above to follow her in Instagram.