Holster Gator

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What is Holster Gator?

Holster Gator is a convenient way to secure your holster in your vehicle or wherever you want to take your holster off but still have immediate access to it.

Built for IWB type holsters only. 


Holster Gator allows the user to place their holstered pistol in many locations including but not limited to;

Vehicle, Bedside, Under a Table or Desk, Under a Countertop, UTV, ATV, Desk, Chair, Gun Cabinet, Wall, Boat, Airplane, Helicopter and many other locations.


Once the Holster Gator is secured in its desired location, the user establishes and begins developing muscle memory. The user knows exactly where their pistol is, what position the pistol is in, what motions to use to retrieve it and what motions to use to replace it. 

Quick Access

With the Holster Gator placed in its convenient location, the holstered pistol becomes quickly accessible to the owner. In times when seconds matter, your holstered pistol is exactly where you needed it to be and ready when you need it to be.


The Holster Gator allows the pistol to remain holstered while being stored. This function protects the trigger and stabilizes the pistol in its resting state. Due to its Patented design, the Holster Gator creates a perfect fit for the belt clip, keeping the holstered pistol stable and secure.


The Holster Gator was designed and built to last. Radius edging and bridging technique was used to further strengthen the device. We only use American made raw materials with a High Impact Rating. If, for some reason it does break, return it to us and we'll replace it for free.

However, when being used for what they were designed for, rest assured, the Holster Gator will stand the test of time. 

1 Year Guarantee

We run our business in a traditional way, especially our warranty. If your Holster Gator breaks within 1 year of purchase, ship it back to us and we'll replace it for free!