The Essential Light Bearing (Velcro Backpack Holster) w/Single Mag Carrier

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The Essential is the backpack holster you have been looking for! 

There are days when on body carry is not possible or inconvenient and you don't want to leave the essentials behind. Developed around the Vertex Gamut Backpacks for everyday carry off body. 

The Essential has a Velcro back panel so you can place it in the best angle for the best quick action draw possible for yourself. But the Essential has an additional trick up its's also a Range holster! The holster is molded with mounting holes that will also work for the RTI Universal Plate and the QLS (Quick Locking System, Purchased as an upgrade)...with a few turns on the Velcro backplate screws you can take the Essential from your backpack to your RTI or QLS system for range days. Simply remove the backpack mount and attach the associated system and range days with your EDC are simple. (RTI Plate and QLS Fork sold as an add on)

The Essential Combo comes with 1 Holster and 1 Single Mag Carrier (with Velcro backplate). The RTI and QLS Fork can be added to your order.

Don't leave The Essentials at home!


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*Handing is based on what side your backpack has the soft loop Velcro on. Example: The Vertex Gamut 2.0 has the loop on the back panel of the bag, Velcro Back plate would be on the slide stop side of the holster for a right handed shooter.

*Please note there could be slight color variations from what you see on your screen to the actual product once received

** It is the customers responsibility to make sure the weapon light selected will fit the selected gun model. (PLEASE VERIFY)

We offer only the light options listed - if you add something to the notes without first contacting us, you will receive whatever you pick from our list of models/lights.

*If Gun Model does not state 10mm or 45 please verify fitment

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